About OpenLetter

OpenLetter.to is a place for you to voice your opinion on issues you care about and be heard by as many people as possible. Think of us as the world's most powerful megaphone, amplifying your voice across the Web and across the globe. We provide the tools to help you make an impact - whether it's on a local or international scale. We like to call it social voicing!


Make your voice heard. It's a chance to articulate something personal, fully and deeply without being interrupted. Post your open letter and express your opinion, position, criticism, or concern on the topics you're passionate about.


We can help promote your cause/issue to a worldwide audience. And you can address your issues directly to the decision makers or individuals you want to reach. Your open letter can be viewed and accessed by people all over the world, increasing the influence it can have.


Find out who's listening. Connect with people who are as passionate as you are. Discover how much support your issue can generate. Build a community around your cause.


Start the conversation. Open up a wider dialogue for your issue. Or stand up and endorse someone else's cause and add your two cents to the discussion. We want to help you harness the power of many voices to effect change or prompt an individual or organization into action.

Whether you want to write an open letter or simply support one, OpenLetter.to offers a powerful platform for reaching out and connecting with a global audience. Your words can influence public opinion and focus widespread attention on an issue, which may carry beyond the Web. Journalists may write stories about your issue and the support it attracted, people who endorse your open letter can get inspired to take additional action and other potential targets may change their behavior to avoid being the next one in the spotlight.

Make your voice heard. Find out who's listening.