• Marriage is Black & White, not Rainbow Colored
  • To: Andrew Cuomo
  • Date: July 1, 2011
  • Responses: 2 Responses
  • Topic: Gay Marrriage
  • Category: Politics
  • Subcategory: Civil Rights

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Governor Cuomo, repeal gay marriage now!

What is going on in your state is wrong—marriage is and should always be between a man and a woman. I am not one of those right-wing nuts. I just truly believe that marriage is sacred.

Family of 4

Changing the definition of marriage is killing the very tradition that this country was founded on. It wasn’t gays and lesbians who came over on the Mayflower. It was hardworking families, seeking better lives and freedom. Without their strong family views, this freedom that gays so often flaunt would not even exist!

If you choose an alternative lifestyle, it is just that: alternative. Don’t expect to enjoy the same rights and benefits of those who stick to tradition. You choose to live your life against the mainstream yet you want to be included in the majority. By signing the gay marriage bill into law, you have validated a minority that does not seek to bring strength and prosperity to our country.

Repeal gay marriage now and save New York from becoming another casualty in the war against American values and tradition. Protect the children, the future and the sanctity of marriage!



To the public: if you feel as strongly as I do about this cause - please endorse this openletter and share it. Hopefully it works it's way up the chain and we can start to change America!


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I love how homosexuality seems to be the worst sin but not going to the bar, drinking at home, cheating on your wife, or DIVORCE! which are HETERO issues. What you morons should be doing is banning divorce. Get the fuck over yourselves. Many gays came over on the mayflower but if you knew you'd be burnt at the stake like a witch you'd keep your secrets too. Either that or you'd give up your heart and ability to love to please the social majority? Yeah because America is all about jumping on the bandwagons you choose for everyone? Blow me gingerly. How about that?

Commented by: Shane-Michael Gambale, 07.05.11 Replies (1)    |     1 2

I am in full support of same sex marriage & I think its sad that people are so hateful that they spend there time taking away rights/keeping basic human rights from people. everyone deserves to be treated equal...and I truely believe that people are using this as a way to just be cruel and mean...like keeping our rights away from us..if they lived there life one day as a gay/bi/or anywhere in between they wouldnt feel this way...let us vote on your rights and take away your rights and see how you would feel then...the answer is not good...I SUPPORT EQUALITY AND I FULLY SUPPORT ANDREW CUOMO!!!

Opposed by: Kyle7, 07.05.11 0 2

Mariage is betwwen a man and a woman, gay marriage is un-natural and wrong.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.05.11 Replies (1)    |     2 0

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.05.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Patricia Portigiano, 07.05.11 0 0

God bless you, Governor.

Endorsed by: Jeanette Catala, 07.04.11 0 0

Every species on planet Earth, naturally mates and breeds with the opposite sex. The union of marrage is a union created for human breeding that occurs naturally without any other species having to interfere. A man, is physically constructed to naturally mate and produce children with a woman whom he can physically join with in the natural state of human to human biology. There is NO NATURAL WAY, a man can do that with another man, or a woman can do that with another woman. Marrage, therefore should be only between a male and a female.

Endorsed by: Donna Stone, 07.04.11 Replies (1)    |     4 1

Thanks for the laugh. There are so many inconsistencies and non-truths in this, I wasn't sure if it was meant as a comedy piece, but hatred and ignorance is nothing to laugh about.
Wrong fact #1- "By signing the gay marriage bill into law, you have validated a minority that does not seek to bring strength and prosperity to our country." Reality: The Senate's Independent Democratic Conference estimated that gay marriage could generate about $391 million in increased economic activity, revenue and savings during the first three years it is in place.

Opposed by: Pam Sitomer, 07.04.11 Replies (1)    |     0 4

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.04.11 1 1

it's a sacrilege

Opposed by: Anonymous, 07.04.11 Replies (1)    |     0 3
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"This discrimination against gays and lesbians is just as bad as racism or other forms of bigotry."

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"Marriage isn't about "equal rights" it is the backbone of society and needs to be respected and not tampered with."

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