• Help save my friend from Captain Sardinia.
  • To: Captain Sardinia
  • Date: July 3, 2011
  • Topic: Help save my friend!
  • Category: Help
  • Subcategory: Help

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Hello readers, I come to you for an urgent matter.

My friend has been kidnapped by the evil captain Sardinia, her name is Flame and she is very fiesty. She was on a mission to defeat captain Sardinia, but instead was captured by him. He said that he will let her go, but only if I give him the vail of truth! I cannot give him that, so I thought that if I make a petition and get 10358459745906849058690458690458 people to sign it that maybe, just maybe he'll let her go! So I ask of you, for her sake! Sign this please!

Respectfully submitted,

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We have to save Flame! D:

Endorsed by: Hotspot, 07.03.11 1 0
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"We have to save Flame! D:"

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