• To: Casey Anthony's Jury
  • Date: July 5, 2011
  • Topic: Casey Anthony, Murder, Caylee Anthony
  • Category: Casey Anthony, Murder, Caylee Anthony
  • Subcategory: Court Trial

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To the jury on Casey Anthony's case,

YOU HAVE LET A GUILTY WOMAN OFF! Sweet baby Caylee deserves to rest in peace and she deserves justice!! Tell me, what kind of mom does not report her daughter missing for 30 days and meanwhile gets drunk and parties? What kind of mom lies about her job and a mysterious nanny who never even worked for her? I'll tell you who: a damn guilty mom that's who!!

You say the evidence wasn't there, but I'll tell you it was clear as day what this woman did. It was written on her ugly face! Come on, even Casey's parent's thought she did it!  Casey deserves a world of pain for what she did. Let's wipe that smug grim off this woman's face and sentence her. Casey Anthony cannot be re-tried unless there is substantial new evidence!!!!!!!!!

If you agree that Casey Anthony is GUILTY OF MURDERING HER DAUGHTER please endorse this letter and share with everyone you know. With your help, the public can bring justice to this terrible injustice.

Sincerely yours,

Caylee's Angel 


147 Endorsements
5 Oppositions

i agree with averything very strongly.caylee marie needs justice and she has yet to get it,hopefully it wont happen again to someone sles!

Endorsed by: Erica May, 07.15.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Samantha Case, 07.10.11 0 0

Just goes to show some can actually get away with murder...God Bless her little soul

Commented by: Anonymous, 07.08.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Virginia Passamonte, 07.08.11 0 0

This is wrong, no matter what..She did it, God and us know it..:-(

Endorsed by: Rob Harrison, 07.07.11 0 0

Everyone knows that she has done this.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.07.11 0 0

they can`t try her again double jeopardy is attatched.why are you people taking this so personal anyway.over 200 women a year kill their kids,men kill their wives women kill their kids,tell me whats the difference between casey if she killed her baby i think she was involved or the thousands of women who abort their babies everyday.would it make you people happy if she said she killed her?she could say that now they can`t touch her.would that put this to rest for you

Commented by: Douglas Baumgart, 07.06.11 0 1

Hey guys please endorse this letter

Endorsed by: Rissel Langbecker, 07.06.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Shamay Tinney, 07.06.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Anna Chaffin, 07.06.11 0 0
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Most Endorsed Comment

"makes me sick to my stomach ~ Those might be the only 12 people in America who think she did NOT do it!!"

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Most Opposed Comment

"How ignorant this letter is. The jury did as the law stated. There was NO, not one shred of evidence that showed that Casey killed her daughter. Everything the state presented was based on speculation, theory and hear say. The facts are that the only ones who know how Cayley died are her mother and God. God is the one and only one who should judge Casey and condemn her not any of you insignificent hypocrits. Read Romans 2:1,2 and see just who God will judge by judging her. JUSTICE HAS INDEED BEEN SERVED!!!!"

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