• A Treatise on BART Etiquette
  • To: Fellow BART riders
  • Date: July 6, 2011
  • Topic:
  • Category: Politics
  • Subcategory: Campaigns

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It's easy to make riding the BART a tolerable (and perhaps even enjoyable) experience for everyone forced to ride it -- all it takes is a little courtesy and common sense.  Here are a few pointers that will help you avoid sending fellow BART-goers into a fit of homicidal rage.


  • Escalators
    • Many BART passengers regard the escalator as a means by which to move short distances faster than walking up/down the stairs, not as a hedonistic indulgence which precludes the necessity for legs.  If you're going to stand still on the escalator, get over to the right side.  That's the slow lane!


  • Boarding
    • There are usually 1-2 lines per BART door (as indicated by the black strips of tile adjacent to the railway).  This is where you line up.  If you stand off to the side and cut into the line once the BART arrives, thereby bypassing all of your patient and polite co-passengers, you're an asshole.
    • Have a plan before boarding the train.  Will you go left or right?  If you take one step onto the train and then stop and look around, you are blocking everyone behind you and you are an asshole.
    • If there are two lines to get onto the BART, this should inform your decision as to which way you should turn once you board the BART.  The right line goes right, and vice versa.  If you cut across the other line, you're creating a traffic jam and you are an asshole.
    • If you need to get past someone, say "excuse me" politely before grunting and poking them like an asshole.


  • Seating
    • If you're lucky enough to come across a row with two unoccupied seats, go ahead and slide all the way down to the window seat.  If you insist on taking the aisle seat, do not make an irritated face or grumble when someone asks to slip past you into the empty window seat.  In fact, you should just go ahead and slide down to the window seat yourself.
    • If you weren't lucky enough to get a seat when you boarded, but someone vacates one near you, look around and see if anyone near you needs or deserves the seat more than you, i.e. anyone who is elderly/pregnant/injured/rotund, or who boarded the train before you.  You should yield the seat to anyone who fits this description rather than diving into it head-first like an asshole.


  • Disembarking
    • If you're seated near the window and someone is in the aisle seat, you should get up at the stop before yours so you have ample time to exit without shoving past a dozen people at the last minute like an asshole.
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Respectfully submitted,

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Take a chill pill.

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You think BART is bad, try riding Muni everyday! BART is pleasant compared to Muni.

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