• No longer GAGA over Lady Gaga
  • To: Lady Gaga
  • Date: July 1, 2011
  • Topic: Lady Gaga
  • Category: Music
  • Subcategory: Sell outs

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You are trying too hard now, please concentrate on making better music.

On behalf of the world, let me just say, we are over you! Your outrageous behavior and over-the-top costumes were tolerated before but now it’s clear—it was just a cover for a talentless act!

Lady Gaga - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, on FlickrYour last album was awful. Your performances are horrible. People hang on your every word and action. You have brainwashed millions of people into your cult, and I have no idea why. You are hiding your talentless self behind the mask of your outlandishness. I am just fed up with you.

You take advantage of every situation and make it feed your own fame monster. You couldn’t even make a simple charitable donation to your beloved Japan after the devastating earthquake. Instead, you sell ridiculous bracelets for charity—and charge shipping & handling and tax. The noble thing to do would be to cover those costs yourself! And then it comes out that you were pocketing that extra money?

It is clear you are out there for the fame and money, and it’s a shame that you take advantage of the very fans that have made you who you are. Mother Monster, if you have something actually worthwhile to say or do, I invite you to do it. If not, step aside because there are plenty of talented people in this world who are ready to actually do something.


--Fed-up Monster


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a wanna be Madonna knock off... never liked her or her music...

Endorsed by: CMTL, 07.04.11 0 0

Lady Gaga is my gawd; I love her! She shouldn't change a thang!

Opposed by: Hotspot, 07.03.11 1 0

Glad to finally see some backlash. I hate her and her fame mongering. Her fans are really getting the shaft.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.01.11 0 0
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Mark Shaffer
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"Lady Gaga is my gawd; I love her! She shouldn't change a thang!"

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