• Sarah Palin, please save us!
  • To: Sarah Palin
  • Date: June 27, 2011
  • Topic: Sarah Palin
  • Category: Politics
  • Subcategory: 2012 Presidential Race

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We need you to lead us as President of a United States that we can be proud of.

After the most recent Presidential primary debate, it is clear that you are needed, Sarah Palin. The Republican Party is in need of experience and leadership, and you have both. 

We, the people give constantly to this country, especially in the form of taxes—OUR HARD EARNED MONEY—and what do we get in return? Government shutdowns, scandals and lying politicians, and MORE TAXES! We give up what we earn to bail out others who cannot provide for themselves. Is this really the American way?

During your time as the governor of Alaska, your citizens continued to enjoy some of the best benefits in the country—no sales tax and no income tax. How did you make this possible? I understand the government needs money to function, but do they really think that the hardworking American people aren’t noticing when they spend $1,000,000 on a hammer?

Politicians today, namely Democrats, think that holding a government office is all for fame and ego. They are out there working for their personal gain, furthering lobbyist agendas for kickbacks, and causing a ruckus with their scandals. And if they’re not out causing embarrassment to our country, then they’re pushing their socialist ideals.

Universal health care and gay marriage are not our priorities as a nation. Making sure we have a country to leave to our children is, and I know you agree with me. 

Sarah, I plead with you to declare your candidacy for the Presidency. You are needed now more than ever.  Bring your maverick spirit and show these people how it’s done. Without you, this country is surely headed for bankruptcy and failure.


--Going Rogue



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brain dead nazi

Opposed by: Anonymous, 08.02.11 0 0

this ailing country needs a good strong leader, so please run for the sake of the american people! we need you more than ever before!

Commented by: Marilyn Dunbar, 07.07.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Marilyn Dunbar, 07.07.11 0 0

Opposed by: Anonymous, 07.06.11 0 0

You are our only hope. There are millions who will support you. We TRUST YOU ,.. and this country needs trust , honor and most of all a believer in our constitution.

Love and Blessings,
Natalie Blaum

Endorsed by: Natalie Blaum, 07.06.11 0 0

LOL, good joke! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many idiots want this woman to be president after Bush Jr. managed to get elected twice. God help us...

Opposed by: Anonymous, 07.05.11 0 0

We need a God fearing American loving honest hellcat like John Wayne said heroes are just scared men who saddle up anyway. Sarah America needs you we need you saddle and lets roll... God Bless America.

Endorsed by: dochubbard, 07.05.11 0 0

Standing by.

Endorsed by: Joshua Johansen, 07.05.11 0 0

Sarah Palin is what this country needs.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 07.04.11 0 0

Endorsed by: billbowman, 07.04.11 0 0
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James Martin
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"Mrs. President To Be, I'm a strong Conservative. I look at the field that we have to choose from. I'm scared. I'm a 100% Disabled Veteran. I served for 31 years and love this country with all my heart. I need you! My Nation needs you. If I could get on my knees I would get down and beg, but I can't. I'm shot up to pieces. Mrs. Palin, PLEASE JOIN THE RACE. i WILL DO ALL i CAN TO HELP. PLEASE!!!!"

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"sarah plain is not presiident stuff she very self seriving and dont like ppls who dont think think her way.. she has to much excess baggage hanging on her life style...the rag papers are having a hay with your open book life"

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