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Test Letter

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Mar 21, 2014

No longer GAGA over Lady Gaga

You are trying too hard now, please concentrate on making better music.
On behalf of the world, let me just say, we are over you! Your outrageous behavior and over-the-top costumes were tolerated before but now its clearit was just a cover for a talent...

Jul 1, 2011

Sarah Palin, please save us!

We need you to lead us as President of a United States that we can be proud of.
After the most recent Presidential primary debate, it is clear that you are needed, Sarah Palin. The Republican Party is in need of experience and leadership, and you have ...

Jun 27, 2011

Dear Facebook Your Charity Sham Doesn't Fix Your Privacy Issues

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
Please hear me out: I am writing to inform you that I have completely lost trust in Facebook and your ridiculous charity antics. These "gifts" you have been giving away which you call "philanthropy" are obviously nothing more tha...

Apr 12, 2011