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SoMa - the Financial District in Lower Manhattan

Ladies and Gentlemen:
As residents of downtown Manhattan known as the Financial District, we have seen someamazing changes over the past couple of yearsso much so that the transformation calls for anew name to our vibrant and ever-changing neighborhood...

Apr 2, 2011

Marriage is Black & White, not Rainbow Colored

Governor Cuomo, repeal gay marriage now!
What is going on in your state is wrongmarriage is and should always be between a man and a woman. I am not one of those right-wing nuts. I just truly believe that marriage is sacred.

Changing the definition of...

Jul 1, 2011 2 Responses

In support of Pope Benedict XVI & condom use

To all who doubt our dear Pope Benedict XVI:
Though it may be difficult for people who are not Catholic to understand the church and its headship, you must understand that Catholic's too do not always fully understand decisions of the church. Some of ...

Apr 20, 2011

Julian Assange - abuses the first amendment

In recent days news around Wikileaks.com has reached a fervor pitch. My letter is for Mr. Julian Assange and the people supporting the site.
I personally have tried to come to terms with what he is attempting to do. He like many fiction movies heroes...

Apr 9, 2011


To the jury on Casey Anthony's case,
YOU HAVE LET A GUILTY WOMAN OFF! Sweet baby Caylee deserves to rest in peace and she deserves justice!! Tell me, what kind of mom does not report her daughter missing for 30 days and meanwhile gets drunk and partie...

Jul 5, 2011

Global warming is a hoax—READ THE FACTS

Dear Gore and followers,

Ithought long and hard before assembling the words I am about to write, given the sheer rage of those engaged in activist environmentalism and the movement's assault on free speech these days. I am a man of science, who is und...

Apr 21, 2011

Dear Facebook Your Charity Sham Doesn't Fix Your Privacy Issues

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
Please hear me out: I am writing to inform you that I have completely lost trust in Facebook and your ridiculous charity antics. These "gifts" you have been giving away which you call "philanthropy" are obviously nothing more tha...

Apr 12, 2011