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  • To: U.S. Congress
  • Date: July 28, 2011
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  • Category: Government
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To our elected representatives in Washington D.C. :

The whole lot of you are pathetic. You think the American people cannot see through what you're doing? You're putting your self-interests before the American Public - and furthermore - insulting us by thinking we are too stupid to see the truth.

We are deep in a made-up crisis with an arbitrary deadline that has real world side-effects.Politicians fighting 

There are only 2 countries in the world with a debt ceiling: Denmark and the United States. Denmark has their set so high that they never need to raise it. All other countries leave this matter toi their treasury departments. 

The debt ceiling has been raised 10 times since 1997 -  8 times during the Bush Administration with GOP support. The original purpose of the debt ceiling (created in 1917) was to eliminate the need Congress to approve debt each year.

That's not the purpose of the debt ceiling now - it's being used as a political tool by our "representatives" to gain more campaign donations and garner support for their re-election bids next year.

Hey, who cares about the American Public if I can fill my campaign coffers and secure a cush gig of doing nothing for the next 4 years right? 

American Citizens care. It is shameful behavior and that is NOT what we elected you to do.

This government stalemate boils down to pointing fingers at who is “wrong”. In reality, you are all wrong because the only interests you should be serving is that of the American people—the very people that put you in office and depend on your decision for a bright future. Clearly, the only interests you support are your own and protecting your corporate coffers who fill your bank accounts.

Think about the millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet during these hard times. Be concerned about those who work to support the government - and how they will pay their bills when no paycheck arrives. Take time to realize the long-lasting effects of this petty squabble consuming all of you that sit on that pretty hill in Washington.

The U.S. needs reduced government spending, higher taxation on the rich, and it wouldn’t hurt if politicians took a pay cut too. 

Americans across the nation stand in solidarity with me when we declare that it’s time to get over yourselves and your partisan politics and compromise. Resolve this "debt crisis" so that our once-great nation can heal and rebuild our path to prosperity for ALL.

- Concerned Citizen


PS If you feel as strongly as I do that our elected representatives are letting us down, endorse this letter and share it!


Respectfully submitted,

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Let's start with harsh criminal penalties and elimination of their salaries and benefits. If it continues from there, put them on trial for treason and put them into the lucrative penal system they over funded.

This applies to the Supreme Court too!
(fucking corporations are NOT people)

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 09.11.11 0 0

Enough of your corruption! Either represent us, the people, resign, or be voted out! Enough is enough!

Endorsed by: jdf7376, 08.02.11 0 0

You have taken and Not Given the People what you were put in Office to do. We are coming for you now.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 08.02.11 0 0

I think this so called crisis has been turned into an electoral propaganda volleyball game.
Democrats stop lying to the dependant. Republicans stop lying to the working class. We are all sick of it.
Remember the French Revolution. If you don't start working for the people, you will suffer the same fate as those aristocrats.

Endorsed by: Anonymous, 08.02.11 1 0

if the american people dont get their heads out of their tails and quit obeying their parties then we are doomed. we are americans first and when the parties betray us it time to quit believing their rhetoric. everytime someone says healthcare reform the doctors, drug companies, and insurance companies throw out millions of dollars for adds and throw out one word "socialism".

Endorsed by: deathraven41042, 08.02.11 1 0

Endorsed by: rappelman, 08.01.11 0 0

Endorsed by: Dylan52756, 08.01.11 0 0

I am just so disgusted! Hopefully the American people will band together and clean house in the next elections.

Endorsed by: golfjan24, 08.01.11 1 0

What happened to "A government for the the people; by the people?

Endorsed by: Marla Brem, 08.01.11 Replies (1)    |     1 0

Sure, COMPROMISE. But holding the debt ceiling as hostage means the Tea Party needs to GO. That isn't political strategy, it is pure BLACKMAIL and no way to run a government.

Endorsed by: Spoke Umbra, 08.01.11 0 1
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"Hell to the yeah!! I am completely fed up!!"

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"Sure, COMPROMISE. But holding the debt ceiling as hostage means the Tea Party needs to GO. That isn't political strategy, it is pure BLACKMAIL and no way to run a government."

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